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  • Kale Hamblin

Donations Update

Here are a few updates for our First Nations Fund drive!

We have received our first donation at the Legacy Global Foundation office. We have a count of 7 big cases of water along with a case of toilet paper.

We are grateful to those who are contributing to the drive and we are excited to see the progress of the drive in the future!

For reference here is the list of items needed for the drive:


-Cleaning supplies

-Hand sanitizers

-Disinfectant wipes


-Hand or liquid soaps

-Masks or homemade cloth masks

-Trash bags

-Bottled water

-Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper)

-Food boxes for quarantined families


-Mop heads/ mop sticks



-Laundry soap

-Baby diapers


If you need some ideas on what to provide for food boxes check out our blog post Meal Kit Ideas for Non-Perishable Items.

Thank you to those who have helped in this cause of helping those who've been affected by COVID-19 on the Apache Reservation.

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