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  • Kale Hamblin

Meal Kit Ideas for Non-Perishable Food Items

Here are some ideas for meal kits that can be put together to donate to the Apache reservation:

Breakfast items:


Dried fruits

Granola Bars

Snack Items:



Trail mixes

Dinner Options:


Spagetti noodles

Canned tomato sauce

Canned veggies

Chicken Burritos:

Canned chicken

Canned black beans


Chicken Stew:

Canned chicken

Canned Cream of Chicken soup

Canned Cream of Mushroom soup

Canned Sweet Peas (drained)

2-3 cups of Shredded Cheddar Cheese

2-3 cups of butter or margarine

*This meal can be served over rice, egg noodles or a baked potato.

Here is a good resource for more ideas to help organize meal kits. This article also goes into detail with some good information on good things to know about non perishable food items:

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